Bahrain, the Middle Eastern equivalent of the whipping boy


The Persian Gulf Arab states last minute ditch to support president Trump’s foreign policy agenda so near the election seemed like a desperate attempt by the Trump administration to have something to show and say in what’s been years of an administration in control of America in total disarray.

The shambolic deal which sidelines the Palestinians completely as nothing more than pawns in the game of corrupt Gulf monarchies, was further highlighted by Israel’s utter surprise that UAE will now be sold F35 fighter jets. Israel fully aware of the only for show nature of this deal has been lobbying against such a deal to no avail and the Trump administration seems to have already green lit the deal to go through, with the UAE now lobbying for an airbase to be placed in the small Gulf state to further entangle America in the Middle East.

While it’s unlikely for America to move it’s Turkish airbase to UAE, with a Trump re-election it’s wholly possible that Trump will setup an Airbase in the UAE completely funded by the small Gulf state. Further contributions to the security will most likely be an additional clause as Trump’s business view of world politics has moved Americans foreign policy from ideological to private security for the highest bidder.

So what exactly does Bahrain have to gain from signing a peace deal with Israel? Home to a British naval base, and with Britain still insinuating they recognize 1967 Israel Palestine boarders and Jerusalem as a capital city of neither Israelis or Palestinians, what’s the real gains of their pivot towards America all of a sudden? The truth is, nothing. The world doesn’t really pay too much attention to Bahrain other than their Grand Prix. Trump Probably can’t even point to this tiny state on the map and most likely doesn’t even know any of their leaders, agendas or brutal policies towards it’s own Shia population. Bahrain was simply added to the list so the UAE doesn’t appear alone and to show the media that there is real appetite for peace deal in the Middle East and Jared Kushner who many see as MBS’s ( Mohammad Bin Salman ) puppet in the Middle East has indeed achieved some steps towards Middle Eastern peace. Bahrain will not be getting an American base, nor will they be getting the F35 fighter jets, nor any real political or economic support from the American president, congress or senate, this move was nothing more than a modern day Facebook status update, with a like from Bahrain.


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