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February 05, 2014


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The Islamic Republic apologists keep mentioning the HDI improvement because that's all they have.

Never mind the repression, human rights abuses, and the general trend BEFORE the revolution.

You make it sound like the upwards trend ONLY started from 1980. It started from Reza Shah's time and had an upward trajectory, beyond 1980.

But nice try giving credit to mullahs.

You make me sick.


Also regarding the promise of "free electricity ..." I am amazed that this particular brand of pseudo elite never seem to get tired of repeating this every February.
It was not a promise, not an unconditional one anyway, and it was not originally said by Khomeini

See the following, for example:

Once again, it is worth comparing the Islamic Republic's rankings with that of other countries --

Its literacy rate ranking among countries is Number 151:


Its female literacy rate ranking is Number 152:


Its Human Development Index (HDI) ranking of Number 76 is lower than Qatar (36), UAE (41), Bahrain (48), Kuwait (54), Saudi Arabia (57), Mexico (61), Libya (64), and Lebanon (72).

Its infant mortality ranking is Number 108:


Its life expectancy ranking is somewhere between Number 92 and 132:


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