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February 20, 2014


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The Shah's regime executed about 400 people during his entire 38-year reign (1941-1979) -- this issue was investigated by Paul Balta of Le Monde -- whereas the current Islamist regime executed over 600 people in the year 2013 alone. In fact, there is no precedent in recent Iranian history for the Reign of Terror unleashed by the Islamist regime, including over 10,000 men and women executed in its first 5 years in power and at least 4500 political prisoners executed in the summer of 1988 alone (and that is a conservative estimate). Indeed, the "revolutionary" regime executed more Iranians in its first few months in power than the Shah's regime did in 38 years. Furthermore, the Islamist regime is the world's most prolific executioner (i.e. Number One in the world in relation to population size and second only to China overall).

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