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January 23, 2014


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First of all, the link you provided has no evidence that any of the so-called "polls" in the IRI showed Rouhani getting anywhere near 50% of the vote (again, ignoring for a minute the dominant role of the Supreme Leader-for-Life in the theocratic system). Second of all, I am an Iranian, and this website is called "Iran Affairs". If you want to obsess about Israeli Affairs, I'm sure there are plenty of websites dealing with those. Mousavian is, indeed, one more thug of the Iranian-mass executing regime.

Oh and the ACTUAL terrorist


Mohseni reported "increasing support for Hassan Rouhani picked up so much momentum in the final days of the campaign that on June 13 (a week before the elections) there was a substantial increase in his poll results"


Excuse me, but which of the so-called "polls" taken in the IRI showed Rouhani receiving anywhere 50%? (We'll ignore for a moment the fact that the most powerful man in the system is the Supreme Leader-for-Life).

As far as this Islamist thug, Mousavian:





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