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June 24, 2013


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Cyrus needs to stop apologizing for the Iranian regime; the revolution shouldn't have ever happened.

Again, I'm not trying to appeal to a West-residing IRI Groupie who would even seek to deny that the Islamist terrorist regime was involved in the Mykonos attacks. Rather, readers are welcome to follow this link and read more on their own:


A statement by "Islamic Jihad" taking responsibility is not evidence of Iranian involvement, and in fact the REAL Islamic Jihad organization in Beirut denied involvement.
So, sorry, no evidence.

Ummm, no evidence? Not that anything would do for West-residing IRI Groupies, but this is for other readers:



Babak, get some glasses. The word "alleged" does not appear anywhere near "Mykonos" on this post, or anywhere in this post.

Dear Babak,

The Mykonos terrorist attack in Germany involved the murder by shooting of several Kurdish political figures. It wasn't a "bombing", but you are 100% correct that the Islamist terrorist regime was behind it, as well as Bakhtiar's and Farrokhzad's murders and those of scores of other Iranian opponents of the IRI outside Iran (and, of course, tens of thousands have been killed inside the country, including the "chain murders" to which you refer).

Are you insane? Iran is not "alleged" in the Mykonos bombings....they DID do it...just like how they murdered and killed Shapour Bakthiar and Fereydoon Faroghzad and the rest of the chain-murders. What planet are you living on?

Let's also not forget that the Islamist terrorist regime and its Shia proxies bombed the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires just 2 years before the AMIA bombing (as well as carrying out many attacks against American and other Western targets, political murders of Iranians, hijackings, kidnappings, and hostage takings).

[Evidence? None. - Cyrus]

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