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June 28, 2013


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But, you also omitted another of Nelson Mandela's firm positions. When the political repression under Ahmadinejad was on the rise, Mandela cancelled his trip to Iran to show his unhappiness.

Of course, since you are strongly pro-Ahmadinejad, to the point that you claimed you did not follow closely the recent Iranian elections (strange, is it not for someone who writes on Iran and is present in many sites as commentator!), you may have chosen to ignore this.

Mandela was simply mistaken in this regard; in no way does he support the "velayteh faghi" doctrine.

"But yesterday he said that South Africans who criticised him for it could "go jump in a pool". It was clear he felt there was room in the water for the Americans."

- "Mandela gives Clinton lesson in friendship "

And I'm pretty sure "go jump in a pool" is the meant to be the same as "go jump in a lake" or "go play on a freeway" or "go wet your head".

Mandela was quite a bit to closer to Qaddafi, Arafat, and Castro than Khomeini. Like any other heroic individual, he was fallible and made errors of judgement. That being said, he did more good than harm. In particular, he led the way to the establishment of a democratic republic in South Africa, something that Qaddafi, Arafat, Castro, and Khomeini never even countenanced.

some users are wondering about the origin of the expression "go jump in a pool", in view of the fact that these users are familiar with the expression "go jump in the lake" (meaning seems to fit as explained at various internet sites, unlike "go jump in a pool"). Incidentally applying the find function did not find "pond","lake" or "jump" in the quoted AP(?) article.

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