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March 02, 2013


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Laura Secor is a complete hypocrite. She decries scientific polling of the Iranian electorate but she cites "Government polls (one conducted by the Revolutionary Guards, the other by the state broadcasting company) that were leaked to the campaigns allegedly showed ten- to twenty-point leads for Mousavi a week before the election."


These "Government polls" were reported on Newsweek by Maziar Bahari and nowhere else:


Laura Secor complains that “Going to Tehran” is too one-sided in its support of Iran’s policy, as if any book that doesn’t repeat the prevailing near-universal condemnation of Iran cannot be worthwhile. There has been a plethora of books condemning Iran; perhaps one that takes a contrary view might be useful, important and revealing in ways big and small that have been shouted down by many in the mainstream media.

More garbage from Cyrus.....The Leveretts are such shams and apologists that it makes me gross.

They are legit "tools" of the regime.

But... Noam Chomsky says it's so. So it must be.

Besides, they are all bad anyway. So what does it matter?

Anyhow, we are the free people, so they must be less free.

Just turn on any station or read any paper, they all say the same thing. So that is obviously right, and you, Cyrus, are obviously wrong. It couldn't be simpler.

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