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January 08, 2013


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The Chinese section of irib world service on 1/9 has reproduced an article from the People's Daily titled
The US is suffering from a delusional disorder (http://cpc.people.com.cn/pinglun/n/2013/0109/c78779-20136849.html)
see excerpts below (it has 14 paragraphs)
¶6: There is another possibility, showing these symptoms does not necessarily mean you are sick, having feigned illness, you can avoid punishment once your lies have been revealed. Uruguayan author Eduardo Galeano once said, war is sold with the help of lies, in this respect somebody commented there is no better salesman than the US president.
¶7: Lyndon Johnson golf of Tonking resolution ¶8: Bush II Irak WMD
¶9 A similar technique turned up again during Iran's peaceful use of nuclear energy, rumors about nuclear weapons were spread high above the world and while the war in Syria is at a stalemate rumors about chemical weapons have caused a great clamor...

So far the article has not been mentioned (likely never will) in the English version of irib.

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