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December 26, 2012


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Robert Fisk has been taking it easy on Iran/Ahmedinejad recently, you might even say has shown sympathy.

Actually even Zahra Kazemi could not escape pro-Israeli consorship in Canada because an exhibition of her work was shut down since it displayed the plight of Palestinian refugees and so was deemed too anti-Israel. http://www.ifex.org/canada/2005/06/10/pen_canada_protests_censorship/
Kazemi was only useful as an anti-Iran figure.

Compare this behavior of Canada to its reaction to Zahra Kazemi's death in an Iranian jail! Recall, Canadian officials' crocodile tears for many years! Daily demonstrations in front of the Iranian Embassy in Ottawa organized by the Canadian government! Canada even tried unsuccessfully to take this minor incident to the UNSC! All of this theatrics and charlatanism from racist-supremacist regime of Canada which has mass-murdered millions of Aborigines people over the past centuries and has been illegally occupying 10 million square kilometers of Aborigines' Homeland.

Too bad the UN observation post was rushed by Hizballah terrorists... Had these terrorists stayed away from the UN observation post nothing would have happened to the UN personnel...

{Oh. they old "they made us kill them" excuse by Zionists -Cyrus}

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