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October 17, 2012


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There is no intl army. However under Chapt 7 the combined forces of UNSC member states may respond to a threat to intl peace. This is not the case for Iran since the UNSC has not characterized Irans nuclear program as such a threat.

You need to ask that from the Israelis not Cyrus, what you're asking is exactly what they're doing so they should give you a more accurate answer!

Thank you for your response, but what measures are taken. There is no international army? Who takes it upon enforcing this so a nut like lets say Saddam never got nukes?

Also Im saying international law is voluntary? You dont have to sign the NPT. So what happens with that situation?

Ali, if a country actually violates the NPT by preventing the IAEA from verifying that no nuclear material has been diverted to non-peaceful uses, then it can invoke Art 19 of the country's safeguards and Article XXI.c of the IAEA Statutes, to report the case to the UNSC which can in turn take measures under Chapt 7 of the UN Charter if there is a "threat to world peace" etc.

In the case of Iran, this process was perverted and Iran was "reported" to the UNSC even though the IAEA had stated -- repeatedly -- that they did confirm that all declared nuclear material in Iran had been accounted for and verified that there was no diversion for non-peaceful uses.

Hi Cyrus, someone was arguing with me about ENFORCEMENT in general of Nuclear Weapons. How does it work? Let's say a country breaches IAEA obligations, then what? Or if a country bypasses them, then how does the world enforce this? If we dont want US doing it, imsaying what is the solution?

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