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August 30, 2012


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IAEA Report: No Evidence Iran Diverted Any Nuclear Material for a Nuclear Weapons Program http://youtu.be/2jm6QFX-YAM ( made this video to get the word out)

Terrific write-up. Must certainly be read and understood by more people.

And the foreign minister of the South Korean government at the time was? :-)

The report as a downloadable pdf file:


Everyone look for the word "weapon". Incredible.

Hi Cyrus, well done but you missed on point.

According the report Iran now stockpiles LESS 20% enriched UF6 than it did in May. As the 20% UF6 stockpile is propagandized as the quick way to a working nuke this change is significant. It means that Iran is now further away from a quick weapon dash (that it anyway doesn't intend) than it was in May.


Thanks for this excellent rebuttal. I had become tired recently of these reports by one of the most obvious lackeys of the Americans.
Best, Fahad

Cyrus did you know that South Korea had violated its NPT agreement, did IAEA reported them to the UNSC. This is all politic between Iran and the West. People who are interested, in this subject should read, Dr. El Baradei book “The age of deception: Nuclear diplomacy in treacherous times” I am tired of the listening to the psychopath and their minion propagating this fallacy.

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