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May 16, 2012


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Yes really I mean who cares excapet tousands who keep on coming to MEK's meetings. I mean why is it Iranians who hate MEK keep on goign to their gatherings. I mean no other Iranians attract more Iranians outside Iran than MEK. I guess th emenaing of hate is becoming more clrear. So from what you idiots are saying is that th emote MEK is hated by OIranians, the more they go to their meetings?? And th emore they are hated in Iran, the more Terrorist government of Iran passes laws to torture and execute them?? What ar eyou guys bunch of losers who have not reacehd the age of 2??
Not to worry in tomorrow's Irna under the MEk rule there will be a place fo ridiots like you too. SInce KEK is very forgiving I just hope Iranian people will forgive you for supporting their true enmeies the mullas.

In early 80s the grocery store owner right across my apartment got brutally shot in the face by two MEK agents - simply because he had a picture of Ayatollah Khomeini on his store wall.

You're right: it doesn't matter how US perceive MEK, as far as Iranians of all walks of lives are concerned, MEK is a terrorist organization.

Excellent post. Well said.

This de-listing, or not, is yet another example of how out of touch official America is with the real Iran.

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