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April 09, 2012


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Jan -- the claim that Iran plans on cutting off the internet is bogus. It has been officially denied, but of course THAT report won't get as much attention as the original false report. Iran is building a domestic secure communications network (for banks etc.) Lets not forget that it was the US that initially cut off Iran from the internet in Aug 1996.

can u clarify what the heck is going on with this that everyone circulating? whats the truth on this ? http://thenextweb.com/me/2011/07/05/iran-set-to-launch-its-own-internet/

Cyrus-jan, you were right before (mamy times) and you'll likely be right again, I'm sorry to say. It's a bummer, isn't it?

As for Parsi, after reading the Leverett's review of his latest book, I promptly wrote him to say I wanted nothing more to do with him or his NIAC. It took no less than five requests for NIAC to stop sending me material, but thankfully they finally got it together and ceased.

Why is Iran agreeing to talks if the US is obviously just making a pretense? Because if Iran doesn't agree to the talks, the US would say "Aha! They're not willing to negotiate so obviously they're making nukes!" Of course when the Iranians do agree to negotiate, the US then undermines the chances of any resolution and once the talks predictably break down, the US again says "Ahah! See how they didn't compromise! Obviously they're making nukes!" And that's the double bind.

Then why is the Iranian govt. agreeing to "talks"?

It is clear that the first time around, the Obama admin. wasn't interested in real negotiations, so why give it another chance?

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