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April 07, 2012


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You call this an article? Where did they taught you this chaotic bull structure...

I seldom read anything from those, so call Iran expert in the west because most of the subject matter they cover are base on fallacy. Especially, when it come to Iran, it worst in US, most of the people engage in guesstimating and call it research. When It come to Iran nuclear program you will loss, Iran as laid out it red line. if everyone adhere to the NPT, They will voluntary follow the addition protocol.

Idiots like Sadjadpour and his clan are completely out of touch with Iran and its people. So stupidly writing such garbage from their cozy offices in the West; For 35 years these idiots have been writing a bunch of nonsense, hoping for regime change ..... and they think the average Iranian really believes in their garbage ..... I feel so sorry for him and his followers....

When I first started reading extensively about Iranian government and politics, I appreciated Sadjadpour's insights, but he's changed a lot since the "stolen" 2009 election.

Before the election, he supported real diplomatic engagement with Iran and said A-jad was likely to win.

A few days after the election, he cried foul and came out in opposition to diplomacy with the Iranian govt., because it supposedly would legitimize A-jad after the alleged election fraud.

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