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April 10, 2012


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I doubt the talks will succeed. It is not the real intention of US and Zionists, US being subservient to their demands, that the whole intention behind these talks is for it to fail. They should have succeeded years ago. But these war criminals in Washington and Tel Aviv were matter of fact pursuing a confrontational and threatening policy with Iran.

2 Questions: Who the hell is Obama to dictate a sovereign nation like Iran that you are not entitled to peaceful nuclear energy? Does Iran have any right to tell US you should not have nuclear power plants? Colonial mentality of course; US saying that "the whole planet belongs to us. We dictate you what you should and what you should not have. And of course we decide for the Iranian nation because we are Christians and we are a better race with higher moral grounds?"
b) A Zionist colonial state with a criminal record unprecedented in the history of man kind, is now preaching "peace and moral integrity" to Iran. My God!!!!!!! They care about the world peace !!! Iranians are now a threat because a criminal and a racist state who kills and tortures minors and demolishes homes of innocent people, putting pregnant women and children behind bars is now preaching sermon !!! My God. Am I missing something?
The most "peaceful and democratic" nation in Middle East is dictating other nations what to do !! Of course, the supreme Jewish state must dictate human values to Iranians !!!!!
Bottom line, there is something else going on. If Iran learns how to generate electricity from nuclear fuel, then US and the western powers with nuclear technology could not dictate Iran and could blackmail her with regard to the price of the fuel. It is all a planned blackmail policy. They very well know that Iran does not have atomic weapons. It is just a plan set by Zionists to choke Iran and telling her "keep your mouth shut about Palestine; let us go on with our colonial and criminal ambitions and we will not bother you anymore. Then even if you have nuclear bombs, it will be OK" !!!!

But Pirouz, what if this minor side deal is characterized as a "success" for the sanctions, and therefore used to justify continuing/increasing sanctions instead of reaching more deals down the road?

I second your concluding paragraph. And I've got no problem with President Obama selling a potential agreement with Iran, however small, as a political success. We would hope such a small agreement would lead to further small agreements, and those would lead to more significant agreements down the road.

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