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April 04, 2012


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We thank Günter Grass for his courage in breaking the silence on this issue. For too long it has been an unhealthy taboo to link Israel's nuclear threat to the Iranian nuclear issue and it is clear that any international solution must include the Israeli threat to the region in the equation, Grass' proposals being a fruitful starting point. The Israeli reaction in banning him is a further attempt to reimpose the silence and taboo which cannot be sustainable. The answer to free speech, if in error is more free speech, not repression, and the better response would have been to invite Grass to defend his position rather than banning him. While appreciating Israel's legitimate right to security, that cannot consist of unlimited insecurity to other nations and blindness to their equivilant right to security. There is a need for "An America Which Can Say No" both to Israel and the "Israeli Lobby" as well as the oil interests which have too often sought to involve America in Mid-East conflicts against its national interest, leaving them to bear the benefits while the American people bear the long-term costs.

For a perspective paralleling Grass' see the Occupy Wall Street novel, Spiritus Mundi, serialized on the OWS sites which warns of a World War III scenario involving Russia, China and Iran spinning out of control after a nuclear terrorist detonation in Jerusalem. The novel foresees a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly as a new forum in which these issues may be raised, a project also supported by Gunter Grass. See: http://www.occupytogether.org/discuss/#/discussion/1291/introducing-spiritus-mundi-novel-by-robert-sheppard-an-occupy-wall-streetglobal-democracy-novel- and https://spiritusmundinovel.wordpress.com/

MoA hinted towards the Guardian's version of Grass's poem:


He (or she?) cited:

"for yet another submarine equipped
to transport nuclear warheads
to Israel, where not a single atom bomb
has yet been proved to exist, with fear alone
the only evidence, I'll say what must be said."

The lobby's work at its best. :-)

readers note that Grass talks about construction of atomic bomb in Iran being suspected and feared and need for permanent international control of Iranian nuclear installations, in other words lends credence to Western propaganda and ignores permanent international inspection of Iranian installations by IAEA which under present director general's guidance follows Western instructions to issue reports favoring Western propaganda


Wow, I have never read so much garbage as reading the comment from no name here, from Israel that it's bashing Gunter Grass. I have to tell you something, Germans have nothing to be ashamed of, the people who should be ashamed of their disgraceful existence are the zionist, even if the zionist stopped today, they have committed more crimes against humanity then anyone else in recent times, and they alone should beg for forgiveness from the Palestinians and others for eternity.

K_W I think the term "breakout capacity" is a bullshit term that is so vague that it can already be applied to 40 countries around the world (thats about 1 in 4 countries, fyi.)

David - you're only discrediting yourself with this way over-the-top reaction to Gunter Grass. The old "you're an anti-semite" thing can only carry you so far.

There is a fierce debate in the forum at DER TAGESSPIEGEL.de, e.g. http://www.tagesspiegel.de/meinung/provokantes-gedicht-guenter-grass-ein-kreis-schliesst-sich/6476602.html . One commentator referred to DIE WELT (http://www.welt.de/politik/ausland/article106153032/Iranischer-Diplomat-gesteht-A-Waffen-Programm-ein.html), which contained an article about a statement by Hossein Mousavian that Iran has had a break-out capability since 2002 (original document at the Boston Globe: http://articles.boston.com/2012-03-31/opinion/31259824_1_nuclear-program-uranium-enrichment-capabilities-tehran-research-reactor). What do you make of this?

I used to hold gunter grass in high esteem. But, it seems he is another antisemite. Amazingly, a German who served in the SS has the guts to come out with these typical Arab anti-Israeli comments. He obviously thinks hitler did not finish his job.

Well, gunter, hitler hasn't done it and neither will you with your comments. As a German you should know that you should keep your mouth shut for life, as most Germans do, feeling shame over their and their nations disgraceful past.

I don't throw books away (being Jewish and all that...) but your book Tin Drum, which I held in such high regard, is now moved to my cellar.

You are an old man but that is no excuse for comments that are usually reserved for the "do gooders", those who haven't a clue how Israel operates but are first to condem it rather than concentrate on evil done around the world. But you are just evil yourself. So, all I can say to finish my comment is that I hope you release the human race of your existence sooner rahter than later.


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