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March 19, 2012


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please post about obamas nowruz message!!

please respond to this garbage aka obamas nowruz message, please call him out on his hypocriys


As you have stated before, the US and Israel know quite well that Iran does not have a weapons program. Their ultimate goal is regime change. They hope to see Iran would crack under pressure. However, their strategy has been so stupid that has resulted in complete opposite. Iran is now more emboldened than ever before. If the Zionist morons in the White House were more wise and diplomatic, I would bet money that Iran would have scaled down its program years ago. They were ready for a compromise years ago. But the war hungry Israel and US said no to her offer over and over and over again.
As you said in your previous posting, nuclear program is just an excuse. Even if Iran would stop its program today, then the US government and their Zionist masters would look for another stupid excuse. This saga would never end.

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