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February 02, 2012


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Cyrus loves defending the regime.

Hey Cyrus, if burning buses and attacking banks are now "rioters", then what did you call the protesters back in 1979? Better yet, what did you call them in 2011 in Egypt and Libya and Syria?

Oh wait, those are regimes are bad! And Iran's is good right? Nice logic there buddy!

[They were riotors too,. Nima joon, but note that they weren't trying to undo election results by using violence. Stop with the idiotic strawman arguments.]

Thanks I wonder Isnt there something contradictory in Parsi demanding evidence from Leverette and yet refusing to provide any evidence to support his own claim of election rigging? Seems to me that he really does want to "have his cake and eat it too".

Cyrus, Parsi doesn't seem to understand how American foreign wars get started. Or he doesn't care. Either way, he does a fair amount of damage to efforts of persons like the Leveretts, who advocate peace and improved relations with Iran.

Myself, I've washed my hands of Parsi and NIAC. I'm no longer interested in having anything to do with them.

"they become a minority of agent provocateurs who sought to overturn the results of a valid election through force and intimidation, don't they? "

No, they become people who sincerely thought they were defrauded, and protested what they perceived as an undemocratic regime rigging elections, while being factually mistaken on the question of whether the votes were properly tabulated.

Maybe some, like Mousavi himself perhaps, didn't care what the facts were, but I rather doubt that the protesters getting assaulted and killed were in on some grand 'let's pretend we think the elections were rigged and make a fuss!' conspiracy.

[CYRUS REPLIES: The same people who were attacking banks and burning buses? ]

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