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February 08, 2012


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Shimon Peres talks of peace and freedom! This is the same man who offered to supply the apartheid regime of South Africa with nuclear bombs with which to maintain their odious regime.

This is the same man who instigated the illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian land, settlements that now number over 500,000 illegal settlers and which is the root cause of Middle East instability that is expected to be the spark that will start a major war in the region.

Peres a man of peace!! You would need to be deaf, blind and very naive to believe such nonsense.

since in this context broadcasts of the Voice of Israel in Farsi are often mentioned it seems mainstream media never mention that Radio Tehran broadcasts in Hebrew.

Today was zionists-feigning-love-for-Iranians Day! Not only Shimon Peres sent a fake peace message while in reality he's plotting for a nuclear genocide; also zionist Linda Frum, who is the sister of David Frum (Bush's speech-writer) feigned love for Iranians in the undemocratic Senate of Canada as an unelected senator representing the Queen of England in 10 million square kilometers of occupied land of Aborigines people. Of course, all of us in the west who still have a functioning brain know too well that these zionist occupiers are planning to exterminate all Iranians in a nuclear holocaust.

News from Iran. Friday 11.15 a.m. local time.

Can not access Gmail.

Can not "Sign in" onto Yahoo mail.

Can not use any anti-blocking proxies.

Can not access any sites with https://

Only a few sites that have comment features can be used. I have left this same message on Lobe Log.

I think these are "preventive measures" ahead of Saturday's "celebrations" for the 1979 revolution.

It also shows what will happen once a military attack takes place: The Iranian people will be silenced and will not have any say on events.

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