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January 28, 2012


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There seems to be increasing amounts of comments coming from both the US and Israel suggesting that war will be on the cards by the end of 2012. Interestingly the UK's foreign secretary, William Hague, has suggested that the UK do not favour a war with Iran but are keen to keep the pressure on with increased sanctions, this suggests to me that they probably would support a war with Iran but are hoping to force Iran to make the first move. I am starting a petition at http://www.saynotowarwithiran.com to show that people of all nations do not support a potential war even if they have no affiliation with either side.

About the Bergman article in the NY Times, Bergman himself writes:

"We have another expression in Hebrew: “Hold me back.” Like in a street fight: hold me back so I don’t hit that other guy. Israel is trying to send a message like this to the United States and Europe. Do something to Iran, otherwise we will do it."


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