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November 03, 2011


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There are "legitimate stories about legitimate events" in any place of the world. Especially about the west and its "allies". So why the focus on Iran?

Human right violations "exposed" by the west are nothing more but propaganda. It puts the idea in the head of people that Iranian people are uncivilized so it won't be morally wrong to impose more sanctions on them or blow them up, and finally imposing freedom and democracy on them (which they obviously need).

I don't deny Iran has its problems. But given the track record of western media most of these stories are --if not an outright fabrication-- extreme exaggerations. And the west has no more credibility.

Don't forget about the human right violations! There is/was the story about an actress being threatened with lashes, a pastor forced to convert to Islam, a football player being threatened with lashes, teens in Iran fighting for their right to PARTY!, and many other stories that I can't remember right now.

[Yes but these were legitimate stories about legitimate events in Iran. Sadly they do happen - 'course the football player won't be lashed and the "teens who want to party" story is old hat. CS]

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