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October 27, 2011


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First the article clearly shows Obama's insincerity in the whole affair from the beginning. It is unfortunate.

Second: to Nima
While your argument does hold water, remember that is also the affair of our own elections in the US. When was the last time people here voted for someone they truly liked? It is always the lesser evil. People were so sick of Bush they voted for Obama. No one really knew him. Yet, even with that measure, 80% of the electorate did not show up to vote in 2008. Even the Mousavi campaign believed Ahmadinejad got 45% of the vote. They never contended they won, except for Mousavi's own press conference, his own campaign manager said he had not idea where Mousavi got his numbers from. They believed they possibly pushed the election to a run off. That was their best estimate. Therefore, the notion that the regime has no support is untrue.

I think one has to wonder who Fareed thinks he is. Is he a reporter or an official of US government? He is lamenting the fact that the regime has some support and is suggesting we have to wait longer. Is he a journalist or a regime change advocate?

Just because 80% turned out, doesn't mean that's a sign of legitimacy. Hell, if I were in Tehran, I'd vote too, and I'd vote for the less of two evils. Enough about the nonsense regarding Ahmadinejad.

This regime has barely any domestic supporter. Certainly not the majority.

[Yes Nima, you know better. How dare anyone think differently.]

Thank you for the acticle! A very well done refutation of the recurring claims that there had been real overtures by the Obama administration some day in the past.

I still have one question: Do you have a source for this:

"He imposed more sanctions on Iran exactly 11 days after taking office"

[FIXED: to say that he HAD extended sanctions 11 days before making the "offer" to Iran. Got my timeline mixed up. Thanks]

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