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September 20, 2011


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Zionist rabbi Joachim Prinz welcomed Hitler’s rise to power, since they shared his belief in the primacy of ‘race’ and his hostility to the assimilation of Jews among ‘Aryans’. Rabbi Prinz, whose book Wir Juden (We Jews, 1934) celebrating Hitler's German Revolution and its defeat of liberalism, subsequently emigrated to the USA, where he rose to be vice-chairman of the World Jewish Congress and a leading light in the World Zionist Organization. Zionists held links with anti-Semites, as was the case of Herzl and Count von Plehve, the antisemitic minister of Tsar Nicholas II; Jabotinsky and the Ukrainian leader Petlyura, whose forces, Shahak says, massacred some 100,000 Jews in 1918-21; Ben-Gurion and the French extreme right, which included notorious antisemites, during the Algerian war

Just a note on Zarafshan since Joe quoted him. Mr Zarafshan who is a lawyer by profession and represented some of the families of dissent intellectuals and journalists who were murdered in the late 90's by the gangs within the IRI's ministry of intelligence (all documented and available on the net), was jailed for 6 years as a punishment for outing some of the documentations pertaining to the case. When they came to get him (I have this from a very close friend of his, so you can either accept or dismiss it) they asked him which charge would he prefer to be arrested for, being in possession of an illegal firearm or having slept with the wife of one of his dead clients, bogus charges both of course. The honorable man that Mr. Zarafshan is (a former prisoner under the Shah) he agreed to the former. I have read the piece he wrote on Milani and my opinion of Milani is in accord with all here, but Mr. Zarafshan is no lover the current regime. For the record.

Avazi ha ha. Asked an Iranian friend and she beautifully explained what it meant. Very apt for Milani. He reminds of some of Cuban Americans in Miami. You know the type who lost their Mafia/Batista connections/wealth after the revolution. They're quite Avazi too!

Milani is a NeoCon stooge who started as a Maoist and then became a Savak asset, ratting out his comrades. All this is documented by Naser Zarafshan and is available on the Web (see link). He sells his soul to the highest bidder. Avazi is an understatement. Zarafshan called him "amale fekri nezam sarmaye dari". I could not describe him any better than Zarafshan has done.


Milani invokes a corollary to Godwin's law. According to Godwin's law, he automatically loses.


Everybody has questions for Mahmoud! I even have one: Does he miss his old '77 Peugeot sedan? Inquiring minds would like to know...

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