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July 13, 2010


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In the mean time, Russia is changing its tune:

Well Hilary and Susan Rice are defeated.

Neither side is entirely credible here, but what strikes me is that no one in the US media or political system, or amongst human rights groups, seems at all concerned about what looks to be a terrible crime committed by the US, if Amiri is right. His claim to have been abducted is simply being dismissed.

It seems hard to believe that he would defect, leaving his family behind. That seems like a pretty cold thing to do. Whatever else this case reflects, it shows how desperately the US War Machine is looking for any crap they can throw against the wall to make people think it's ok for them to seek Regime Change in Iran. Just as with Iraq, any bullshit will do.

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If he wanted to defect, he would have arranged for his wife and very young kid to be out of Iran at the time. Very unlikely he defected without consideration of his kid.
US statements are inconsistent and deceptive.If it was a simple defection why would US hide that from Saudi government? .
Short of hard evidence to contrary, if he said he was transferred to US against his will, one has to trust him not criminal US government with history of renditions, secret prisons, assassination squad.....

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