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May 08, 2010


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I agree with your conclusions. "One is certain nations that already own enrichment capability are trying to create a world in which they get to keep enrichment capability. Iran isn't doing anything that several other countries aren't already doing, Argentina and Brazil, for example. Nuclear weapons are basically an excuse in order to manufacture a crisis". A country that has more than 5000 nuclear weapons, invaded and devastated several countries, should not profess morality and dictate other countries what has to be done or not especially when their nuclear program is peaceful. Also, keep in mind that the blood thirsty Zionist regime who is laughing at the whole world and has hundreds of nuclear weapons with the blessing of US, is another factor behind going after Iranian peaceful nuclear program. Their colonial and racist regime must stay as the dominant and the most ruthless regime in Mid East to be able to survive. Otherwise, Israel will collapse. So, Iran is a delightful diversion for the criminal Zionists.

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