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May 25, 2010


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I'm saying the Green Movement symbolizes a lot of things. We want reforms, we want a new way of live under democracy, freedom, respect, liberty and a foundation in international law and human rights. No one deserves to be shot for expressing their opinions in Iran. We are all Iranians and we truly deserve better. This is what it means to me.

[Who is this "we" you claim to speak for? Anyway, so you support all the good stuff but are opposed to all bad stuff. Wow. Such a radical position. No other group could possibly support that. You convinced me! LOL]

I never said Iran was North Tehran, but how dare you say that the conservative hardliners speak for the MAJORITY of Iranians? Where were you in 1997 and 2009? And please don't give me your crap about 2009 being credible. I've read your posts. I get it. I just don't agree with your assumptions. But that's a different issue. From now on, please refrain from generalizing all of Iran under the Khamenei/conservative mullah banner.

Please support the Green Movement, whatever that may symbolize to you. But at least we can all respect human rights, democracy, and the rule of international law. Cheers to a FREE IRAN!

["Please support the Green Movement, whatever that may symbolize to you" -- and that says it all, doesn't it?]

Cyrus, I agree with most of your analysis, but I don’t think the rise of bourgeois values and individualism is a prerequisite to progress in human rights, in Iran or anywhere else. As you yourself have pointed out in this and previous posts, these western values have not necessarily given rise to improved human rights circumstances in most western societies, including the United States. Today, the US is faced with a rapidly deteriorating human rights situation in all its societal spheres, ranging from its households, to its schools, to its prisons. Every 15 seconds a woman is beaten or raped, but she still has to put in a full shift at work, take care of the children, and scrub the toilet. (Never mind the extreme sexual objectification of women which is tantamount to her total dehumanization.) By the most conservative estimates, one out of every six American boys and one out every four American girls are victims of pedophilia and incest. (In some European countries these numbers are even more alarming.) 2.5 million Americans, more than 70 percent of whom are non-white, are currently incarcerated in prisons where they are routinely raped and assaulted in total complacency by the authorities, and in many cases by the authorities themselves. These are just a few examples of the state of human rights in the US.

I would take an educated “sister” who, as you correctly point out, has only been educated because her parents trusted the government, over that pathetic lost soul Roxana Shirazi that you bring to our attention in your next post and her bourgeois and individualist values any day. I don’t know what will improve human rights in Iran, China, Thailand, India, Russia, or the United States, but it certainly won’t be western bourgeois values and individualism.

"Those conservative mullahs happen to represent the values of the vast majority of Iranians."

You MUST be joking

[Believe it or not Nima, Iran doesn't consist of north Tehran.]

"Grow the F- up"

I would like to nominate this to become the official slogan of the anti-greens.

It is truly disgusting to even let the Americans mention the word "Human Rights". This is how Americans behaved towards the real owners of the land we now call the USA: "$25 for a [Native] male body part, whether it was a scalp, a hand, or the whole body; and then $5 for a [Native] child or a woman. In many cases, they [Americans] only had to bring in the scalp. And in other cases, the whole body was brought in to prove that they had this individual, they'd killed this person, and receive their reward."

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