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May 19, 2010


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the US is not discrediting Turkey and Brazil, she is discrediting herself.
Cyrus should recognize that a third pole is being created that totally ignores the super powers. Iran can simply draw legitimacy through negotiating balanced deals with NAM members.

well placed analysis, as usual. Thank you

In an unprecedented move, RIA Novosti published the content of a telephone conversation of foreign minister Lavrov with Hillary Clinton before it had been made public on the web site of the Russian ministry of foreign affairs:

"'[In a phone conversation] Lavrov also expressed concern over coming reports about the intentions of the U.S. and the European Union to go beyond a collective Security Council position on Iran and to impose unilateral sanctions,' the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The Foreign Ministry said the unilateral sanctions would include measures 'of an extraterritorial nature, beyond the agreed decisions of the international community and contradicting the principle of the rule of the international law, enshrined in the UN Charter.'"

Link: http://en.rian.ru/russia/20100519/159070123.html

How about this for PR!
Exclusive: While Iran reacts to the latest UN draft sanctions aimed at their nuclear programme a former Iranian diplomat tells Lindsey Hilsum about the regime's "divide and rule" tactics used in its dealings with the West.
Full story: http://www.channel4.com/news/articles/politics/international_politics/exiled+diplomat+lifts+veil+on+iranaposs+regime/3653897
So the US is entering the second round of propaganda against the IRI and the candidate who is going to help them start the process is a so called exiled diplomat named Mohamad Reza Heydari. Well, as Cyrus predicted earlier this year, it was to be expected.
Having agreed to proceed as proposed by the Brazilian and Turkish officials, the US couldn’t wait to push for sanctions against Iran and in doing so totally discredit what has been achieved by the Turks and the Brazilians.
The US administration has invested heavily through the media in pursuance of portraying IRI as a monster regime who sought to use its nuclear program in making nuclear weapons, to put this into context, a country who’s literally massacred 100s of 1000s of people by dropping nuclear bombs over their heads, accuses Iran of posing a threat, whilst Iran has never in the history of mankind committed such atrocities.
Iran has time and again announced that their nuclear activities are peaceful, yet the threatening notion against the IRI is still at full scale, so if sanction is the US’s ultimate goal, then I’d say so be it. Long term, Iran will again benefit from such measures as history has proven. Look, it is so abundantly clear that the US is trying to make people of Iran to feel the pressure, their obvious goal from sanctioning Iran is to force the people to create unrest, in the hope of toppling their government. As someone who is currently in Iran and sees current affairs in real-time, I can easily say that this road ends nowhere but at a dead-end. Yes, there are pockets of communities who’s ideology matches that of the US administration and ironically these people tend to have capitalist background, but the majority of Iranian population are behind their government 100%, particularly with respect to the peaceful nuclear program issues. Sure, there are sometimes issues, that agitates the public and that the government can perhaps handle them differently, but then you get that in every country.
So my message is that, propagandas, particularly so soon after a recent failed one, will only result to yet another embarrassing conclusion. People of Iran are not stupid, they deserve more credit than they are give.

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