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May 07, 2010


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Since Yukiya Amano is so eager to serve his American masters by lying and violating the international laws and agreements; he should at least remember what Americans did to his homeland: "In what may be added irony, the widely reported premier of 'The Pacific' came but four days after the little noticed anniversary of one of the darkest events in American war history — the March 10, 1945, firebombing of Tokyo. The two-volume World War II history 'Total War,' by Peter Calvocoressi, Guy Wint and John Pritchard, describes the massive napalm attack on Japan's capital as not only 'the greatest air offensive in history' but also 'deliberate, indiscriminate mass murder.' The raid by B-29 bombers probably ranks as history's largest mass killing of civilians in a short time span. The estimated death toll of 100,000 exceeded the immediate deaths in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima or Nagasaki, or the Dresden firebombing."

or let alone that of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which has entered the nuclear energy program with the blessing of Uncle Sam for that matter. But who are we kidding, Amano is just a tool of the P-3 plus Germany - that's how he got his job. The UN, its agencies or programmes or funds are just working for the Western powers - Imperialism still exists.

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