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January 21, 2010


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The "Greens" are already Pawns--some knowingly and many more unknowingly. One has to be extremely naïve to not know that Israel is playing whatever role it can in what is going on in Iran, and the PR campaign Glassman is talking about is already underway. What do you think they did with the $75 million Rice got back in 2006, the $10 million in consecutive years previous to that, and many more millions flowing after? And that is just what we know about.

The problem with imperial mouthpiece idiots like Esfandiari is that they read, write, editorialize, rationalize and hypothesize from their comfortable offices in front of their computers without really having any clue about what is going on in Iran. They are paid by their think thanks, bosses, or .... to come up with ways to destabilize and overthrow the government. Very simple. Their bosses as you said may be the Israelis, CIA, reactionary Arab governments or .... It does not matter. The objective is dictated and handed to them by their employers. Their job is to come up with a well-planned scenario.

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