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September 14, 2008


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Get real people and stop distorting the truth and reality. I urge everybody including people who made this propaganda video to go to the IAEA website and read its report on facts and findings of the agency about Iran.

Another big fat lie by US-Israeli lobby.

Why President Bush overstates threat posed by Iran’s nuclear fuel cycle?

The Bush administration is good at inciting fear, stirring up a false hysteria only to give cover for missed steps the administration has taken in national-international issues affecting my family, my children and grand children. He used the same technique prior to attacking Iraq. Can we allow him to do this once more?

The issues are poor economy, broken infrastructure, exported professional jobs, lack of medical insurance for many Americans, homelessness, and over burdened borrowing from other nations. McCain, who has stated he has voted 95% of the time in support of the administration, now would like to extend the passed 8 years once more.

Iran and its nuclear fuel cycle are not the issues.

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