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August 05, 2008


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Your post is misleading or misinforned on two key points:
1. Warships go through the Straits of Hormuz under the guise of "Transit Passage" through an "International" strait, which allows warships, submarines, and aircraft to transit in their "normal mode of operation" - which allows submerged operations for submarines, for example.
2. When warships engage in combat in the territorial waters of another country, they don't do so under the guise of innocent passage, but rather under some other aspect of international law that allows such operations - for example self-defense (even pre-emptive) or the enforcement of UNSCRs.

[I stand corrected on the first point re: transit passage and submarines and I have corrected the entry accordingly. On the second point, I don't think I suggested otherwise but was perhaps not clear.

Nevertheless, the point remains that the Strait of Hormuz is not "international waters"

- Cyrus.]

Excellent commentary. I was not aware of the above facts. Iran should sue the US in the international court for threatening the sovereignty of Iran.

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