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August 29, 2008


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Thanks for your post. However, I think you are exaggerating the role of fuel producers (i.e. private or governmental companies that produce nuclear fuel). My reasoning may become clearer when you try to answer this question:

"Why should western governments go out of their way and abandon lucrative oil&gas deals by sanctioning Iran? Just to have a monopoly on N. fuel?"

I think Israel has more role in this conflict than just 1 paragraph at the end. My speculation is that Iran gets a strategic boost by gaining nuclear technology (I emphasize: technology, not bomb). This strategic boost is going to overshadow Israel's dominance (because even without any evidence of a nuclear weapons program, one may guess that Iran has built or can easily build nuclear weapons). And this balances Israel's major magic power.

This is exactly why Israel is doing its best to stir up and sour relationship between Iran and the West. This is why Israel is pushing the US into a conflict with Iran.

(Cyrus responds: the oil companies may not like this policy, but they don't necessarily have control over it. Also, Iranian oil contracts are not as lucrative as they used to be since Iran doesn't provide ownership of the oil in the ground. The Conoco Affair showed that Israeli lobbying trumps the influence of the oil companies anyway.)

I know "these facts" quite well, Saint Michael Traveler, and I suggest you do more than read just one book. For example you could visit this blog entry in which I provide details of the US support and participation in Iran's nuclear program under the Shah:


However, note that was before 1978 -- when the Nuclear Suppliers groups adopted measures to illegaly restrict enrichment technology.

You should know that our problem with Iran has nothing to do with the infant Iranian Nuclear Fuel Cycle.

“In 1978, Iran had the fourth largest nuclear power program in the world and the largest by far among Third World nations. The Shah’s plan called for the installation of 20 nuclear power reactors by 1995, to provide some 23,000 megawatts of electricity. The Shah saw nuclear electricity as the rational means to diversify Iran’s dependence on petroleum, and as means to counter the enormous pressure from Washington and London to recycle his petrodollars to New York and London banks.”

Shah was supported by USA.

If you do not know these facts, may be you should read the following book:

"A Century Of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order", by William Engdahl, is a perspective on oil and politics, and how the two have been linked for the past 100 years.

The book is a great primer for anyone interested in preventing wars and understanding the role of men who shaped the last 150 years of our history especially in the Middle East. The book is revelations to the crimes that were committed and were allowed to kill thousands incent people under a bogus banner of rightness and democracy. Please read excerpt of this book in: USA and England: reshaping the Middle Eastern landscape.


The book is about Hitler, Germany, Israel, Iran, Russia, France, England, and USA.
You will be surprised to learn who provided money for Hitler’s ascending to power.

Another excellent and succinct post. Thank you Cyrus. Iran even asked other nations to assist her with the enrichment of uranium inside Iran under the auspices of UN, US, and EU. It was flatly refused. So their concern is not about Iran with nuclear weapons; it is about Iran with the knowledge to enrich for civilian purposes therefore jeopardizing the world and Mid East hegemonic intentions of US and Israel.

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